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Dare to INSPIRE…….Children to Read, and go to many places, and dream!




Hello….This site has become a place for Families of Children that fight the good fight each and every day. Prayer’s of research to stop disease. Wanting folks to have the opportunity to click on links and know that person is a friend also fighting the good fight. A small place for them to unite. Also to give people an opportunity….to know what these families live with daily. This is their lives each and every day. I have been more inspired by these parents and children than in any classroom. And privilaged to have met each one.  If you can give to research for the number ONE killer of children…SMA, please do.

You will also find poems I have written….inspired by my special needs grandchildren and ALL these children who fight bravely every day. Along with Utube music and more. Please visit often as updated. Thanks for Caring enough to make a difference!!

A fb True friend sent me this…..ty Ted

True story
There was a man who lost his job in construction. After a few months of being unemployed … his landlord kicked him and his wife and two children out on the street. No money no place to live they stayed in their car. One day out on the city street was a bag containing $10,000. An amount that would have fed his family for a long time. What did he do he turned the money in to the police. Too make a long story short the man went back to the police station a month later and the cop told him we were looking for you. The man who lost the money was si frantic. The owner of the money was soo happy he gave the homeless man a job, found him an apartment and car. Mankind helping mankind. I wonder about that story everyday. What would I do?



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