MY: Poem’s

Timeless Tear’s

There is a day, not too far away when you realize your time is not endless. You are young and care-free, never minding it’s me, tear’s flo from hurt feeling’s around us. The slightest glance of a face, the angered trace….then middle age, lots of work till you think you’ll never hurt….too busy to see what today’s meant to be…aging endless time, harder heart to find, ghost’s and memories clarities….one day you think, only now can you blink….like beauty of a fond and deer, age returns your tear!!

A Special Needs Child, inspired by my Granddaughter’s

Precious child in my arms. Making me smile with all your charms. You made me laugh so hard today. I haven’t smiled like that in a long day. Wonder little star what you see. Struggle hard to look at me. If I could take your pain away, would it change tomorrow today? Staying in the moment, looking in the future. Know you’ll bring joy. Prayfully you’ll feel no sorrow.

Forgive and Live Inspired by my granddaughter, Rian

If I said I love you today, would you turn me away? If I held your hand, would you go or stay? If I stayed away as to not burden, what would you say? If I asked your forgiveness, would you stand by my side. If I loved you from a distance, would it make you cry? If I asked you to raise your hand, could you try? If I asked what you see, could you answer me? If you could repair a broken heart, would you start?

Inspired by My Granddaughter, Angel Ally

Why do you shy away? Is it the way I look or what I say? Don’t be afraid, I am just like you. I feel and think. I am unique, don’t be blue. I’d like you to stay. Just waiting for a cure for SMA.

Praying for Angel Ally in HS

There’s a wisdom
seldom from above
Her name is Ally
to us she is Love
Teaching each day
let us also play
her girly charm
and beautiful arm
like a champ
bright as lamp
makes world right
our guiding light
nothing for granted
simply enchanted
daily fighting SMA
and oh by the way
look in her eyes
so very wise
tender angel Allyson
your name in
stands for honest
You truly are the
world’s fondest

Children Voices, Inspired by Sue Canosa O’Neill’s photo

  While powers to be play their games, we have children waiting for good news with name’s. They have no time for a bunch of lies, or listening to your alibi’s. Just look at the honesty in their faces, if in charge take us to better places. If only their voices could be heard, and we could give them our word! Listen to a child today, let them know they can safely play.

Face’s of  “Stopped HeartBeats              VISIT memoriam page and links:

Inspired by “Jakob Oliver Mastin” 

Hello Lord, you know me..I’m the little boy you said you’d see ..I’m mommy and daddy’s little man, Your new angel, Ollie. It’s beautiful here my dear Father…Please tell mommy and daddy that I am fine and will be with them in time..They will know it’s me by my soul’s beautiful smile. Although it may feel long..will just be a while. The SMA is all gone, and now mommy and daddy, I am strong. So thank you my dear earth family. I’ve been so very loved..My GOD is taking care of me just up above. You will feel me from time to time..Just know
Your Little Man Forever is fine.



Have you been a friend to someone today?
Listened intently at what they had to say?
Give whole Heartedly even when they’re down?
A beaming ray of hope, wearing A Loyalty crown?
Tried to contact a long lost friend?
Moved away, will that be the end?
Giive up your pride
Show your vulnerable side?
When angry or upset
friendship means more, you bet?
Have you ever thought
For them, what life has brought?
Or how many Lonely heart’s you may see
If you take the time to just look at we?
Realize we will not live forever
Respecting even when not together?
Are you a good friend, one to trust?
Through thick and thin, is a MUST !!
Bless the friend that comes your way
Here in April,could die in May?


One response to “MY: Poem’s

  1. Thank you for your beautiful poem about my little boy, Oliver. I am constantly amazed at the number of people that have been touched by his short life.

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