Stopped Heartbeat’s

An estimated 565,244 kids die EACH YEAR from SMA! Please vote right now to help us find a cure!
TY Amanda

Face’s of Stopped Heartbeat’s *** IN MEMORY OF***
Jakob Oliver Mastin>>> Ollie’s Story:


It just never seems to stop SMA is taking way to many of our childen and we can never forget them. 6 months ago today a beautiful anf strong Angel lost his battle with SMA. Logan’s Mother rocked him and had to say her Good bye’s to her Angel. A Mother’s worst nightmare but we can never forget Logan, Jeffrey, Bella, Andy, Owen, Mollie and so many more that faught everyday and enjoyed everyday to its fullest and where taken far to soon. We need to remember all still fighting as Haylee Kaitlyn Roman and many many more and find the CURE. We need support we need a CURE for SMA. Help bring awarness to SMA Please don’t let any of our Angel’s go forgotten. They have faught and are fighting to live and it is our job to fight to STOP SMA ….. God Bless
A Loving Daily Fighter, Mom……Amanda
January 3ed 2009 was a sad day when Zoe P lost her battel with SMA. I cannot believe it is already a year I keep Zoe and her family in my thoughts and prayers always I know it has been a tough year but you guys gave Zoe an amazing life full of love and she is with you both always. On January the 3ed 2009 heavens gates opened up and Angel’s sang songs of joy to have an Angel home again. But tears of sadness flooded the earth. Zoe P flyes abouve us now with all the other SMA army in heaven huging us when we need it and smiling everyday for the life they where given know matter how short. FLY FREE ALL SMA ANGELS FLY FREE always in our hearts and never forgotten x ♥ o ♥ x ♥ o ♥ x ♥ o Amanda
Today Haylee is doing good but not some of her little friends *tears*…….. I look always to try and keep up with all the familys because I KNOW what they are going through and have felt what they are feeling. It kills me to see all the BEAUTIFUL little Angel’s that get taken day after day. I feel helpless I want to do more I would give anything to stop SMA. 4 years ago today little Shiv joined his big brother Rishi in heaven to fly with our SMA Angel army. Also on Jan the 5th 2010 another beautiful little one Jeanette joined the SMA Angel army. All these children have blessed our lives beyond words and will forever live on in our hearts. PLEASE pray for our children that have lost the SMA battle and have been taken far to young. Pray for their family and NEVER EVER FORGET what SMA does help us to STOP SMA we needed a CURE long long ago. God Bless ……. PLEASE CURE SMA !! Amanda
Thank You Amanda. Your words mean so much to me. Kathleen

One response to “Stopped Heartbeat’s

  1. My you rest in Heavenly peace Jakob ….. though you where taken far to soon you will never be forgoten God Bless ANGEL xoxoxo

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